Building an innovative Brain Cancer Nanomedicine
which exploits the unique physico-chemical properties of polyNaut technology.


Somanautix focuses on oncology product development for brain tumours


SomaNautix is a spin out of the Battaglia Research group, University College, London. Professor Battaglia has been fascinated over many years by the powerful capability of viruses to penetrate cells. Applying some of the structural features of viruses to polymer constructs has resulted in the highly versatile, molecular engineered polyNaut technology for therapeutic rather than pathogenic purposes




Fran Crawford has been closely involved in the growth of several life science businesses including Altacor, Sirus Pharmaceuticals , Spirogen and Ethical Holdings PLC. She has participated in M&A and in creating exits for the benefit of shareholders and investors. Fran is a PhD clinical pharmacologist who, following two post-doctoral posts entered the pharmaceutical industry in clinical research with Ethical Holdings. She has an extensive record of product development and regulatory approvals (formulation to market) in Europe and the US as well as in- and out-licensing. Holding senior posts in several start-up businesses she has built IP portfolios to add value and protection to product pipelines. For ten years she was responsible for growing hospital and retail sales teams to commercialise products in a Specialty Pharma setting. She is strongly entrepreneurial having founded Altacor, advised on founding Somanautix and developed a network in the funding and grant arenas.



Denis has a degree in has a degree in Medicinal Chemistry and PhD in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Denis is responsible for all the technical aspects of SomanNautix business. He has eight years experience of developing and formulating pharmaceutical drug delivery products within the Battaglia Research Group where he was responsible for all the external pharma company and academic collaborations. He is skilled in translational activities having a clear understanding of the challenges involved in the preparation and characterisation of polymersomes for pharmaceutical application



Chair of Molecular Bionics, Department of Chemistry, University College London, Beppeā€™s research focuses on solving clinical challenges using an understanding of biology and the development of new physical tools. He approaches this by studying the specific design rules behind inter- and intra-molecular interactions and self-assembly of soft matter systems. This is subsequently translated into engineered nanostructured biomaterials and detailed biological and pharmacological evaluation. The outcome from the different research areas addressed in the Battaglia laboratory is applied to applications that range from drug and gene delivery, diagnostics, to cell and tissue engineering.