Somanautix and Abbymed, a US based oncology spin out of Emory University, Atlanta will undertake a project in which Somanautix’ proprietary technology, endoNaut will be used with Abbymed’s proprietary molecule imipramine blue (IB) which has anti-glioma activity.
EndoNaut functionalised for Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) penetration with encapsulated IB will be prepared for precision targeting for in vivo studies.
Dr Fran Crawford, CEO of Somanautix said that concluding this deal with Abbymed is an important milestone for the company that will advance our science and in particular the BBB research which will enhance other products in the Somanautix pipeline.

Somanautix is pleased to announce that they have concluded a licence agreement with BTG to polymersome technology and the trademark, CelLuminate. Dr Fran Crawford, CEO of Somanautix commented that we are extremely pleased to have completed the first transaction in our fledging company and look forward to developing applications of the technology for life science  precision reagents (probes, dyes etc) for intracellular delivery.